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Intensive English Language Reading, Writing, Verbal, Comprehension


Intensive English language sessions are conducted in a English immersion environment and designed to promote proficient use of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, writing and conversational English. Students will also work on preparing for the IETLS exam.

Our classes cover

  • Lessons will be project orientated and require students to present information to the class using their spoken language skills.
  • Students will read from modified texts and will learn various strategies to assist with comprehension. They will also develop analytical skills to interpret literature and images.
  • Students will be writing daily, practising grammatical structures and learning new vocabulary. They will write a variety of personal narratives, descriptions, reports, poems, and creative fiction.
  • Preparation for the IELTS examination

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes for all classes are to see our students grow in confidence and develop their overall communication skills.

We expect all students to engage with course concepts by thinking, reading, writing and participating to the best of their ability.

This will include working as part of a team and as an individual.

We provide constructive feedback on coursework and aim to engage students in thoughtful discussion.

A final report is drafted upon completion of the class in which we highlight what was covered, areas for development, unique strengths, and individual contribution.

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University of Stirling 2025

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28 June - 17 July 2025
session 2
19 July - 7 August 2025

University of Oxford 2025

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6 July - 26 July 2025

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