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English Literature with Creative Writing


Our English Literature with Creative Writing class is for high school students who want to improve their creative writing skills whilst studying influential works of literature.

Through thoughtful class discussion and analysis, students will develop their understanding of the unique challenges faced by historical and contemporary writers. 

Students will explore the creative writing process by delving into themes such as plot, setting, character development, visual description, point of view, imaginative language, and emotional appeal.

Working in small groups, students will:

  • Develop a wide range of creative writing skills by reviewing novels, short stories, poetry, plays, screenplays, and graphic novels.
  • Learn how to form unique plots
  • Improve grammatical accuracy
  • Enhance their writing styles
  • Use figurative language effectively

In this class, we help students find their own unique literary style and writing voice.

Learning Outcomes

We expect all students to engage with course concepts by thinking, reading, writing and participating to the best of their ability.

This will include working as part of a team as well as working on individual assignments.

We provide constructive feedback on coursework and aim to engage students in thoughtful discussion.

A final report is drafted upon completion of the class in which we highlight what was covered, areas for development, unique strengths, and individual contribution.

The benefits of studying with us are:

  • Develop writing and comprehension skills in fiction, poetry, life writing and scriptwriting
  • Find your own unique literary style and writing voice
  • Improve grammar and writing style
  • Build overall confidence in the understanding and use of the English language

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