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Photography at ISSFT


An excellent introduction to the exciting world of photography.

Our photography elective gives a first class introduction to the art of photography and is ideal for anyone looking to improve their camera skills. During this practical and fun elective, students receive 39 hours of teaching, earn how to use a camera and take quality photographs. Students explore new avenues and techniques as they develop their knowledge of photography. The continuous practical assignments form the basis of a mini portfolio should they choose to take their interest further.

  • How to bring together the elements of manual mode to create an evocative image: shutter speed, aperture, and image composition
  • How to choose the right gear, and develop efficient workflow
  • How to recognize and take advantage of beautiful natural light
  • Work on mini projects and developing a mini portfolio
Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is

Learning Outcomes

Photography is the perfect introduction for students interested in creative arts, media, and film.

  • Understand how to use your digital camera
  • How to shoot in manual
  • Learn about exposure and why is it important
  • Photography composition and techniques
  • Make new friends in a fun, friendly and student centred environment
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University of Stirling

session 1
1 July - 21 July 2023
session 2
23 July - 12 August 2023

University of Oxford

session 1
8 July - 28 July 2023
session 2
30 July - 19 August 2023

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