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University of Stirling
Session 1 2 July - 22 July 2022
Session 2 24 July - 13 August 2022
Cost £4650 all-inclusive
University of Oxford
Session 1 9 July - 29 July 2022
Cost £5950 all-inclusive

Our fees are inclusive and cover

  • Single, modern private accommodation with private bathroom and shower
  • 24 hour supervision and pastoral care
  • Travel and Medical Insurance
  • 39 hours of academic tuition
  • 39 hours of elective tuition
  • Three meals a day
  • Transfers to and from Edinburgh or London Heathrow Airport, within scheduled times
  • Laundry and cleaning service (frequency dependent on location)
  • All after class, evening and weekend games and activities
  • All excursions and specialist workshops
  • Course materials
  • Final report and course completion certificate
  • Secure online parent/student account
  • Welcome Pack full of merchandise and useful items
  • A tree planted in your name
  • Free WiFi
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Our included travel and medical insurance now includes additional COVID-19 cover for Delayed Return and Hospitalisation.

The UK has removed all countries form it's "Red List" meaning that there are no requirements for quarantine on arrival, for anybody. For the latest rules and regulations on travel to the UK, please check from within your country of departure.

All current rules are expected to be relaxed further if not removed by the summer of 2022.

For further information please get in touch with our Administrative Office.

What is the accommodation like?

Our accommodation is independently rated as 4-star

It’s very modern and comfortable and every student has his or her own bedroom and bathroom. Our programme keeps our students very busy, so it’s important to have a good night’s sleep. Having their own shower and bathroom is something that they really appreciate.

There are communal areas in the halls of residence so that students can socialise. However at lights out they have their own private space. Each student has their own room key and nobody else has access to that room.

How do the halls of residence work?

All of the floors are split by age and gender. The boys are on a separate floor to the girls and both floors are divided by age group.

Students are chaperoned by a member of our team, whom we call a Counsellor. Our employees are all experienced summer school chaperones and are supervised by our Residential Manager, who lives on campus 24-hours a day. The building itself is permanently manned by a dedicated concierge service.

Only a student or staff member’s key will grant access to the Halls of Residence. Student safety is always our number one priority. We also have an onsite pharmacy and medical clinic.

How does my child get from the airport to the campus, do they have to travel alone?

No, never.

We organise supervised transportation for students from Edinburgh International Airport, throughout the opening day of summer school. We can also easily arrange out of schedule pickups if required.

We will also drop your child back at Edinburgh Airport and take them to their check-in gate on departure day.

Staff will stay at the airport until all flights have left Edinburgh Airport.

Do you provide healthy meals?

Yes, we provide freshly prepared meals every day.

Each student will receive a balanced and nutritional diet, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a healthy snack. On trip days, packed lunches with a small treat are provided.

We take our food seriously. As parents we understand that good food is an important part of feeling at home.

A final night BBQ will be provided and for our braver students, there is the option to taste some Scottish haggis at our Burns Supper!

Are there many different nationalities at ISSFT?

Yes. Last year we welcomed students from over 90 countries.

Our school aims to limit nationality quotas to a 10% mix, to ensure a truly international experience for our students.

This also discourages groups of the same nationality talking in their native language, aiding our policy of ensuring that students speak English at all times.

Are students looked after 24-hours a day?

Yes. We have an experienced pastoral care team that live side by side with our students.

Our campus is also monitored round the clock by a dedicated security team. Reassuringly, our campus is considered the safest in the UK.

Even during free time, students can enjoy our facilities, safe in the knowledge that if they need anything there will be a member of staff nearby to assist them.

My child has never been away from home - will they be okay?

Yes. We make every effort to ensure that they are.

We limit the total number of students attending ISSFT, to ensure small class sizes and create an environment where every student feels involved, valued and comfortable.

During the first few days of the summer school, we focus heavily on helping our students to settle in and make friends. All of our Counsellors and Teachers are approachable, open and friendly. It’s their responsibility to ensure that all students are happy for the duration of their stay.

Our Director is on hand throughout the summer school to promptly address any concerns students or parents may have.

Do you have an onsite nurse?

We have First Aid trained staff as well as an onsite Doctors Surgery and Pharmacy.

Not only do we have First Aid trained staff and an onsite Doctors Surgery and Pharmacy. We are also only ten minutes from the local Accident and Emergency Centre and Hospital. We have robust systems and protocols in place for all medical emergencies. If your child should ever feel unwell, we will book a doctor's appointment and chaperone them to and from it.

Why is a tree planted in my name?

We plant a tree in your name as part of our sustainability and climate pledge.

We've partnered with environmental organisation Ecologi. Each tree is responsibly planted with Eden Reforestation, which ensures their reforestation projects have a positive human impact and a positive environmental impact. You will be able to see your tree planted in the ISSFT forest once your summer school application has been completed in full. More about Tree Planting.

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University of Stirling

session 1
2 July - 22 July 2022
session 2
24 July - 13 August 2022

University of Oxford

session 1
9 July - 29 July 2022

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