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The International Summer School For breaking the mould

Why ISSFT? Our goal is to provide a world education, see our students grow in confidence and succeed in all aspects of their life

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Teachers that inspire

Our teachers know how to get the best out of each student with their own unique and engaging educational style

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Rich cultural heritage

Whatever campus students choose, they can experience spectacular scenery and historic cities steeped in culture

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Social life and leisure time

Our programme of cultural, social and sporting activities allows each student to explore their wider interests and hone their social skills

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Inspirational settings

With unparalleled historical surroundings, inspirational landmarks and modern shops and cafes, our University of Stirling and Imperial College London campuses provide the perfect summer destination for aspiring students.

Our values

  • To inspire and to be inspired
  • To have fun in all that we do
  • To genuinely care
  • To create opportunity
  • To achieve quality through continuous development
  • To prepare our students for the future

What makes an ISSFT student? ISSFT students are typical teenagers. They like music, fashion, sport and video games.

Some of our students actively choose to attend a summer school while others are encouraged by their parents. We have students who are high achievers in the classroom with great ambitions for the future. Some of our students love to read and write, others are phenomenal athletes. Many young people are looking for a little direction as they are unsure what path to take in life. Almost all of our students are interested in travel and learning about new cultures.

Open Arms

We welcome all students. Aside from their individual likes and dislikes, we know that there is something unique about each one of them. A unique talent, a unique skill, a unique perspective. The experience of coming together at ISSFT, gives every one of our students the chance to learn about themselves in a new environment with new people.

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Creative and cultured

We have creative students who have a natural flair for art, theatre and drama but we also have some students who are incredibly shy and lack self-confidence. Some of our students have lived in multiple countries all over the world, but, for some, this will be their first time away from home.

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Personal Growth

Our teens challenge themselves in ways they didn’t expect and realise that, in life, we are all learning, all the time. The benefits of a summer at ISSFT last long beyond the summer itself, with students having established new friendships, experiences and a renewed sense of belief in themselves for the future.

ISSFT team
The International Summer School For passionate staff
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Learn more about our school 

The international framework of our UK Summer School programme gives our students the opportunity to learn about other cultures, make new friends from all over the world and become part of our international family.

ISSFT was born from our enthusiasm for the international school and Baccalaureate system. We are passionate about working with young people of different cultures, to spark their imagination and inspire them for the future.

our history How our vision to create an international school experience in Scotland became a reality

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ISSFT was born out of our passion for international school experiences that bring young people together. Director and Founder, Carey-Jean Rowe, grew up in Kenya, South Africa, USA and Mexico and was determined to offer a world-class education in her home country of Scotland, UK.

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Our first summer school operated out of a 16th Century Castle in Ayrshire, Scotland. During this time, our focus was on Golf, English and Youth Leadership and we became an accredited member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

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We launched our first summer courses at the University of Stirling, Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence. Forty minutes from Edinburgh and situated at the foot of Scotland’s Highlands, it is considered one of the most beautiful, safe and well-equipped facilities in the world. During this time, we were also accredited by the British Accreditation Council.

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As word of mouth about our summer programmes spread, we expanded our curriculum to offer new and exciting courses such as Law, Coding and Theatre. Our school grew to over 150 students for 70 nationalities.

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By 2018, we had over 90 different nationalities and over 200 students enrolled in our summer courses. We were also placing boarders into some of the UK’s leading boarding schools.

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By 2019, we had received awards for the 'Most Inclusive Student Summer Education Programme', 'Best Summer Enrichment Programme' and 'Best International Summer School.' Our Directors were also invited to the British parliament in Westminster, London, as part of the British Parliamentary Review into Education Services.

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A year like no other. Due to Covid-19, we were unable to physically run our summer courses. However, via a series of online videos and workshops we were able to bring our students together in a virtual setting where we celebrated our shared values of international community, collaboration and kindness. 

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In 2021 we launched our Virtual Learning Courses. Although the world is still dealing with the Pandemic, the ISSFT team remains committed to bringing our international students together with a shared goal of making the world a better place through the power of education.


Oxford summer school students


After 2 years affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, ISSFT opens it's doors to a second campus at the University of Oxford. This year was our busiest, with students from over 90 different countries, studying over 20 different classes and taking part in over 450 hours of extra curricular activities, events and cultural excursions.

When, where and how much?

Start your journey with us  Invest in your child’s future this summer 

University of Stirling

session 1
29 June - 19 July 2024
session 2
21 July - 10 August 2024

University of Stirling 2025

session 1
28 June - 18 July 2025
session 2
20 July - 9 August 2025

Imperial College London

session 1
22 July - 8 August 2024

University of Oxford 2025

session 1
6 July - 26 July 2025

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