The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Build It

Adolescence is described as the period of transition between childhood and adulthood.  It is a special time when a young person discovers the world around them and their place in it.  There are highs and lows, complex challenges, and unexpected surprises.

As parents, we want to help navigate our children through this time, but often, letting go can be just as challenging for us.  Ultimately, our goal is to equip our children with the necessary skills to make their own way in the world.  This means living independently, adjusting to new situations and handling risk.   As we often say to our students, it’s about making “good choices.”  If wisdom comes with age, then good choices come with experience.  A few of the qualities that we most admire about our ISSFT students include the following:

  • The solid friendships that are made within just a few weeks; strangers become lifelong friends.
  • Working together on shared projects to produce new, innovative ideas. 
  • Actively listening to new friends from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Learning new skills (and accepting that there will be challenges along the way).
  • Putting themselves out there (often on a stage) and trusting that the audience in front of them are going to be supportive.
  • Being conscientious about the environment and the community they are part of.

These days, I often find myself craving certainty in these incredibly uncertain times.

However, I am reminded that the incredible wonder of youth is the process (and joy) of discovery in which one grows.  Perhaps we adults and parents should embrace this process the same way adolescents do.  Yes, we do live in uncertain times, but the best way to predict the future is to build it.  Having spent time with our wonderful teens this summer, I know we are in good hands.  Thank you again to everyone who took part this summer; the future really does start with you!

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