Our promise to help reduce the impact we make on the planet

At International Summer School for Teens, we promise to be responsible - we're dedicated to finding ways to do things better for our people and our planet. Alongside our commitment to become Carbon Net-Zero and to further reduce our impact on the environment, we've partnered with environmental organisation Ecologi. With that in mind, from 26th January 2022, we will be planting a tree into our ISSFT forest with every summer school application.

Tree planting in Madagascar

ISSFT Forest

The ISSFT Forest is a virtual representation of all the actual trees that are planted as part of our efforts - take a look at it on Ecologi's website below:

Check out the ISSFT Forest

Eden Reforestation

Each tree in the forest is responsibly planted with Eden Reforestation, which ensures their reforestation projects have a positive human impact and a positive environmental impact. They hire and train local people to plant new trees, they plant native species, and their seedling survival rate is an impressive 80%. Through this partnership, we'll be helping to reduce carbon pollution, creating employment for local families, and restoring wildlife habitats - all helping us accelerate to a more sustainable future.

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University of Stirling

session 1
1 July - 21 July 2023
session 2
23 July - 12 August 2023

University of Oxford

session 1
8 July - 28 July 2023
session 2
30 July - 19 August 2023

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