Don't just take our word for it What makes us really proud is watching our students grow and hearing how much they enjoyed their time here.

I appreciated the philosophy of the school that every person is an individual with their own strengths; spending time with other teenagers, meeting people from different countries, all the activities…(I felt I did “something”).
Emma Switzerland, 2019
ISSFT is so much fun, you meet some amazing people and create amazing friendships.
Camille France, 2019
ISSFT has been the best summer camp I’ve ever been to because of its international environment, academic and evening activities and its lots of fun.
Alejandro Spain, 2019
The counsellors, the classes, my flatmates, the prom, clan games. The whole experience was the BEST and no other can compare.
Shreya India, 2019
The school was great! I got to know a lot of interesting kids from all over the world, try many different things and absolute best, had the opportunity to play world class golf courses including St Andrews Old Course as well as Kingsbarns which were beautiful!
Lars-Belvin Sweden
Thank you very much for all the effort you put in the organization of everything, which I know makes the difference between ordinary summer schools and excellent ones!!
Carlotta Italy
It was an awesome experience to which I will look back with joy and I’m going to miss all of the amazing staff and people.
Marta Poland
I had the best time and met some of the most amazing people, students and staff, who made it one of the most enjoyable and character building experiences I’ve had, I know that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to leave at the end of the week.
Daniel Brasil
It was so much fun, I learned so much. I discovered so much and did so much. I loved everything, all the sports, and all the people. The staff were really nice. I hope ISSFT will continue like this forever.
Jada Italy, 2019
Was great to meet new people. Staff also great and really friendly. I have never done any sort of camp like this before and it has been great. All of the activities, even aside from the golf were fantastic and the chance to play world famous courses only added to this.
Blair Austria

Parents love ISSFT just as much If you would like to speak to a parent in your country who has experienced the programme before, please contact our office and we will be happy to put you in touch.

Vassiliki was so happy at ISSFT. The three weeks of the camp were full of new experiences that expanded her horizons, boosted her self confidence and offered her the opportunity to meet and become friends with students from all over the world. The academic approach was excellent, the activities fun, the excursions great, the atmosphere fantastic, the school premises and accommodation excellent, the location beautiful, and, the most important, everyone at ISSFT made everything they could so that the students had a wonderful-wonderful time! A well designed and organised programme for teens, run by fantastic people! A big thank you! Efharisto! (thank you in Greek).
Marietta Andriopoulou Kapella Greece
The session 2019 was our second year with ISSFT. Our son (then 15) first attended the session in 2018. We chose ISSFT after careful consideration and checking the school’s credentials and reputation. We sent our son to the school as he was applying to preparatory schools in the US after his completion of compulsory school in Sweden and he needed coaching and tools for taking the required standardized tests. He attended the Study Skills session in 2018 which focuses on study and test-taking skills. When he subsequently took the ISSE for admissions we saw that his test scores had significantly improved. In addition, the study skills section helped him improve his essay writing. We credit ISSFT for giving him an edge in the application process for the boarding schools. The experience of living away from home and taking own responsibility in a safe environment was also a huge bonus. Admissions officers who interviewed our son were aware of the ISSFT and very positive that we had given him a taste of boarding school life prior to making such a big move. He was admitted to his number one choice school in Massachusetts and ISSFT was part of the team that made that happen. When he asked to attend the session in 2019 we had no hesitation. This year he attended the Global Entrepreneurship session. When he came home and shared his workbook with us as well as experience we were very impressed by both the faculty’s ability to bring out the best in our son as well as the work that he had done. ISSFT isn’t only academics however, our son is an avid golfer and has a goal to make the national team. The golf program at ISSFT was excellent in 2018 and in the 2019 session it had, according to our son, become even better. The opportunity to play the classic courses in the birthplace of golf was an amazing experience. To play St Andrews Old Course in 2018 and Gleneagles and Kingsbarns twice (2018 and 2019) was for our son, serendipity. The coaching staff is excellent and the facilities comprehensive. And, our young friends have fun! There are activities every day where students can try new things. The clan competition is a “blast” according to our son. The excursions to Edinburgh and other historical spots are also very enriching. This family cannot praise the program enough. Communication with the school is easy and smooth, the daily blogs that allow parents to see what is going on at the school are greatly appreciated. At the end of the session students receive evaluations from the staff which are actionable.
Karin Williams Sweden
ISSFT gave my daughter an excellent chance to explore new interests with supportive teachers and counselors on an absolutely beautiful campus. She made lots of new friends and came home with wonderful memories. ISSFT was truly the highlight of her year!
Mi Jeung Hwang South Korea
Thank you for a seamless, helpful and wonderful experience for my son. He truly had the time of his life, with a mix of fun and education. He’s been talking about it nonstop. We will refer you to everyone who might be interested in an international experience for their child. We parents also took the opportunity to spend time in Scotland for the first time. We love your beautiful country!
Jessica USA
I just wanted to thank you so much for taking such good care of our son. He had such a wonderful time – he was really sad to leave. He made some great friends and said everyone was really lovely and friendly and he wished he could have stayed there even longer! So, thank you – I am sure the whole experience has built up his self-esteem and belief in himself and given him some more study skills to go on with his IGCSEs and do as well as I know he can.
CV Spain
My son radiates with pleasure when he thinks back about his fantastic experience of last summer at the International Summer School for Teens. The whole setting was more than he had expected and experienced before. The scenery was beautiful, the people amazingly caring and enthusiastic about their field of interest, the activities academically interesting, physically challenging culturally enriching and above all always delightful and fun. He opened up socially by spending close time with people of all nationalities sharing the same eagerness to learn more about many different aspects in life. He came back with a lot of confidence, inspiration, curiosity to acquire different experiences and the best of memories! A big thank you to all of you!
Saskia Belgium
We are so pleased that we found your summer school on the Duke of Edinburgh Award website. Our son really enjoyed the golf, leadership, and adventure activities. Playing Royal Troon was definitely a great way to cap off a stellar week of fun and learning. Thank you to all the staff for being so easy to work with and for providing such a lovely experience!
Anita USA/Netherlands
It was a truly unique experience, much more rewarding than we expected. Our son appreciated being in a small group, with the students sharing their individual culture and living together in this unique Scottish experience. Our son really felt that he was part of a family and made good friends in a peaceful surrounding, which was truly dynamic. The team were all very considerate and our son was so delighted by this experience that he wants to come back next year for a month. Personally, I want to thank you for you kindness and your involvement. You were always ready to answer our questions and made everything convenient for us. Your contact is outstanding and we always feel confident to send our children to your camp. Once again,”un très Grand Merci” for everything you do.
Thierry France

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