Vaccines bring hope for a return to normal by summer 2021

Today the news reported that the first vaccine against COVID 19, would likely be approved for use in the UK this week (ready to launch in the first week of December); this is welcome news to everybody. There have also been several other announcements of successful vaccines from the UK, Germany and the US, now ready for approval.

With the imminent roll-out of several vaccines, the UK Government have announced that it expects life to have returned to near normal by the summer of 2021; this is extremely welcome news to the travel industry. As such, we now have confidence that our programmes will run as near to normal by Summer 2021.

We understand how much uncertainty we are all facing at present and as such have made some temporary updates to our booking policy to offer new students additional flexibility.  New students can now secure a place for 2021 without having to pay anything until 1st March 2021.

At present, our course is more than half full, and we have limited spaces available for some of our academic and elective study routes, so we would recommend securing your place as soon as possible.

As a school, we are continuing to work hard to ensure robust health and safety measures to make travel possible whilst maintaining an unforgettable experience for our students.  We are also continually monitoring all public health guidance concerning international travel as well as the safe running of school events.  A wide range of operating procedures have been built into our programme to respond nimbly, should further challenges arise as a result of this unprecedented situation.

For further information on this or any matters, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

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