Parents can trust that their children are safe and happy and are being looked after properly.

Our dedicated staff go the extra mile to make sure that all aspects of the Summer School programme run seamlessly. They make sure that your kids are safe and having a wonderful life experience.

24 hour care

Our fully contained campus location is recognised as one of the safest in the United Kingdom. We have 24 hour campus security (including in our halls of residence) and our pastoral care team live alongside students, 24 hours a day.

Home from home

We understand that for many of our students, their experience at Summer School may be their first time away from home, or in Scotland. Whatever your individual circumstances, or unique background, we recognise that as an ISSFT student you should always be comfortable, secure and happy, throughout your 3 week stay.

Whatever your individual circumstances or unique background, we ensure that as an ISSFT student you should feel always comfortable, secure and happy throughout your 3 week stay.