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Our Global Entrepreneurship class is well suited to any budding entrepreneur.

However, it is also a great fit for students interested in debating, global issues, problem-solving and leadership.

Dragon’s Den meets summer school

This course is structured in the style of ‘Dragon’s Den’, where students develop a business idea and learn about advertising, business plans, competitive advantages, customer demographics, entrepreneurial spirit, ethical issues, financing, networking, digital marketing, product development and social responsibility.

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You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.
Richard Branson
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Our class outcomes.

This course helps students develop an understanding of the business world and gain confidence to enable them to pursue their goals.

  • Inspire you to think about your future
  • Learn about project management, strategy and teamwork
  • Make future university/job applications stand out
  • Study inspirational leaders and discuss concepts relating to leadership
  • Be inspired by our unique setting and motivated by our enthusiastic teachers
  • Learn to think creatively on a global scale and solve problems through a variety of hands-on exercises

We developed our Global Entrepreneurship and Intro to Law/Economics courses for advanced / native English speakers who are tired of spending their summers in a traditional English classroom setting.

These courses are designed to help students practice their English skills in a more intellectual/real life setting.  For the Global Entrepreneurship class, we always work with teachers who have gained experience in this field and who can give students real-life insight into the world of business.  It doesn’t mater if a student wants to be an entrepreneur or not, this class will help build their confidence by working on presentation, research and analytical skills.

We also have native speakers from the USA and UK enrolled in this class.