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At ISSFT, we take time to recruit staff who are passionate about their field of work.

Our staff are generally well travelled and have a broad, global outlook. We thoroughly enjoy working with teenagers and learning about their different cultures. Our experience lies in our ability to listen as well as to teach. All teaching staff are highly qualified and committed professionals with the shared goal of giving our students real life skills which they can apply to their academic and personal lives long after the summer school has ended.

Professional qualifications include but are not limited to:

  • CELTA/TEFL qualified English teachers
  • PGA qualified golfers
  • LTA qualified tennis coaches
  • Masters/PhD graduates
  • Industry professionals with a passion for teaching
Our experience lies in our ability to listen as well as to teach.

Our experienced pastoral care team are available 24 hours a day, living alongside students to make sure that everyone feels at home and settles in quickly.

They oversee all day to day operations, from making sure that students arrive on time for class, to helping them with laundry or dealing with individual cases of homesickness. On campus we aim to create a family environment from day one so that students understand the rules and regulations and that all students and staff can come together to enjoy a fantastic summer experience together.

Day trips

The pastoral care team also supervise all off campus day trips and run fun afternoon and evening recreational activities for the whole summer school to enjoy.   Our pastoral care team are caring individuals who appreciate that our students are in a new county, often speaking a new language and who require a friendly face to make them feel comfortable, safe and at home.

First aiders

The pastoral care team includes trained first aiders, however, if a student is feeling poorly we also have a medical centre situated right on campus and our nearest hospital is less than 10 minutes away.

The summer school management team is regularly on campus to provide an additional layer of support to the day to day running of the school.

They are the primary point of contact for parents and external suppliers. At ISSFT, we make it our mission to get everyone involved. So our school managers will often be playing football, golf or simply just getting involved in whatever they can to ensure that everyone gets to know each other and that everyone feels at home.   program-interview-195249


We are a community of like-minded people who believe in the power of education.  Inspiring the next generation is what we do.

We are a results-driven, creative team who thrive on delivering safe, fun and unique summer experiences for our international students. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and being easy to work with. We are trusted by our clients to listen to their individual needs and work to the highest standards in all that we do.  Whether you are a teacher, a sports professional, actor, cutting edge coder or simply looking for a new experience in your field of interest we welcome the opportunity to hear more about you. CVs with accompanying cover letter can be sent to our Recruitment Manager at info@issft.com