How do we prepare our children for the future, in a world where tech is advancing at an exponential rate?

Several years ago, we recognised that today’s students require an education which will prepare them for the evolving workplace of the 21st century.  However, during this time, the scale and rate at which technology has inhabited all aspects of our lives, has taken even us by surprise.

It is always a pleasure for us to share stories of our students working together to come up with solutions to different problems in each of their classes.  As a generation of digital natives, their answers (almost always) are tech-driven.

The traditional model of education has been to train general skill sets, however, as more and more jobs become automated, the need for workers to be “specialists” in their field will undoubtedly become more significant.

At ISSFT, we are committed to giving our students the tools they will need for the future.  However, with this in mind, we must ask ourselves how prepared are we as a society for the massive social changes which now lay on the horizon.  As, parents and educators, how can we raise our children to act responsibly and to communicate effectively in this brave new world?

As we enter into 2020, peer-to-peer learning will continue to be a key focus at ISSFT, giving our students the chance to share their knowledge, experience, and ideas with their international peers.

*ISSFT 2019 Nationalities – American, Andorran, Argentine, Australian, Austrian, Belgian, Brazilian, British, Bulgarian, Canadian, Chinese, Croatian, Cypriot, Dutch, Emirati, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Grenadian, Guinean, Hong Kong, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Kenyan, Latvian, Lebanese, Luxembourger, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Saudi Arabian, Slovak, South African, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, Taiwanese, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

Our Students, who are so well connected via electronic devices, will continue to work on their interpersonal and creative skills through classes such as theatre and photography but also through the wonderful experience of making new friends from all over the world.

Over the next year ahead, we will be future-proofing our classes so that next summer our students can get a flavour of what lies ahead.  Classes will look at themes such as:

  • AI (artificial intelligence)
  • 3D printing
  • Blockchain
  • VR (virtual reality)
  • Environmental Sustainability in industries such as fashion, and aviation

The great privilege of our job is watching the friendships that form over the summer.  One shouldn’t ever underestimate the great value of playing a game of football or making pancakes with strangers who more often than not, turn into best friends.

So as we head into 2020, we will continue to help our students form new friendships and gain a better understanding of the world around them.  Simple human values which remain timeless.