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Situated in the heart of historic oxford, our stunning oxford campus is set in 14 acres of beautiful college grounds.  Alma mater include prime ministers, olympians, writers and suffragettes.

The campus is situated within the historic heart of Oxford University, which was founded in 1542. Oxford's unparalleled historical surroundings, inspirational landmarks, and modern shops and cafes, as well as its proximity to Heathrow airport, make it a perfect summer destination for aspiring students.


Perfect for learning

The University of Oxford is one of the leading and most famous universities in the world. There is evidence of teaching as early as 1096, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second-oldest university in continuous operation.

Oxford University views from class rooms


Oxford has educated a wide range of notable alumni, including 28 prime ministers of the United Kingdom and many heads of state and government around the world.


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A place to thrive

The campus is known for its tranquil courtyards and leafy gardens.  When not in classes, students can enjoy relaxing on the lawn or enjoy a short walk into town where they can take in the wonder of Oxford's city centre.

University of Oxford accommodation - Bed and desk with lovely views outside


Situated in and around a fourteen-acre, partially wooded garden, it is one of the hidden delights of Oxford University. Student Halls are modern, private, comfortable, and secure.  Summer school students enjoy their own bedroom.  The campus is enclosed and can only be accessed via the porter's lodge, manned 24 hours a day.


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A welcoming and safe community

All our students are supervised 24 hours a day. All trips are supervised by staff and students are not permitted to leave the campus alone without the consent of the Summer School director.

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University of Oxford

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8 July - 28 July 2023
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30 July - 19 August 2023

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