8 rowers in one rowing boat gliding down a river

Rowing at ISSFT


Suitable for all students regardless of their level of experience.   Students will develop teamwork skills as well as personal fitness in a fun, outdoor environment.

Competitive rowing sometimes referred to as Sculling, is one of the oldest and most traditional of sports associated with Oxford University.  Our rowing elective offers students the chance to learn on still water, progressing from a shallow pond to a larger lake.  Students will learn how to manoeuvre a single sculling boat confidently, with the knowledge and technical ability to operate safely both on and off the water.

Lessons cover:

  • Rowing on the water
  • Using rowing machines
  • Developing fitness and mobility
  • Learning basic terminology, principles of navigation and safety precautions.

Learning Outcomes

Our rowing class helps students to enhance individual fitness as well as learn how to work as part of a crew

  • Teamwork – respect, discipline, cooperation
  • Competitiveness – winning mindset
  • Physical strength and power, endurance, speed, and agility
  • Confidence on and off the water
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