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Parents can trust that their children are safe and happy and are being looked after properly.

Our dedicated staff go the extra mile to make sure all aspects of the summer school programme run seamlessly, parents can be secure in the knowledge that their children are safe and are having a wonderful life experience.


As we are all aware, the global pandemic is an ever-changing situation.  Our Operations team is continually monitoring UK, Scottish, and WHO guidelines on a daily basis, and is ready to implement whatever policies and best practice we need to, in order to ensure the safety of the entire summer school community.

As our campus is based at the University of Stirling, we fall under the university’s strict health and safety provisions.   We expect these to be continually updated throughout the year in line with government guidance.

At present, the following is in place:

  • There is currently a large test centre on the university campus
  • Temperature checks as students and staff enter buildings
  • Mandatory face coverings indoors
  • Sanitising stations throughout campus
  • Extensive cleaning of all facilities

Added health and safety benefits of our summer school are that All ISSFT students have their own single, ensuite room – https://www.issft.com/the-school/accommodation/

For some added peace of mind, we also include a full medical and travel insurance policy for students, which provides cover for emergency medical and repatriation for Covid-19.

If you have concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions team to discuss further.

Travel and medical insurance

Our cover includes but is not limited to, Emergency medical expenses in the event of illness or injury. Protection against cancellation or curtailment charges. Cover for loss or damage to baggage and personal money

Your policy will only be valid after you have completed your summer school fee payment in full.

Please note that this policy includes cover for emergency medical and repatriation for Covid-19.

For a summary of cover please click here

Airport Transfers

Our staff will be waiting for your son/daughter at the arrival gate as soon as they get off the flight.  They will be dressed in ISSFT uniforms and will have a sign with their name on it. On departure day, we will escort them right through to the security gate and will stay at the airport until the last flight has departed.

24 hour care

Our contained campus location is recognised as one of the safest in the United Kingdom. We have round the clock campus security (including in our halls of residence) and our pastoral care team live alongside students in halls, 24-hours a day.

Home from home

For many of our students, this experience at the summer school will be their first time away from home. For students who have attended a summer school before, it may be their first time in Scotland.

Our experienced pastoral care team are always available and live alongside students to make sure that everyone feels at home.

Whatever your individual circumstances or unique background, we ensure that as an ISSFT student you should always feel comfortable, secure and happy throughout your 3 week stay.
What is the accommodation like?
Our accommodation is independently rated as 4-star. It’s very modern and comfortable and every student has his or her own bedroom and bathroom. Our programme keeps our students very busy, so it’s important to have a good night’s sleep. Having their own shower and bathroom is something that they really appreciate.

There are communal areas in the halls of residence so that students can socialise. However at lights out they have their own private space. Each student has their own room key and nobody else has access to that room.
How do the halls of residence work?
All of the floors are split by age and gender. The boys are on a separate floor to the girls and both floors are divided by age group.

Students are chaperoned by a member of our team, whom we call a Counsellor. Our employees are all experienced summer school chaperones and are supervised by our Residential Manager, who lives on campus 24-hours a day. The building itself is permanently manned by a dedicated concierge service.

Only a student or staff member’s key will grant access to the Halls of Residence. Student safety is always our number one priority. We also have an onsite pharmacy and medical clinic.
How does my child get from the airport to the campus, do they have to travel alone?
No, never. We organise supervised transportation for students from Edinburgh International Airport, throughout the opening day of summer school. We can also easily arrange out of schedule pickups if required.

We will also drop your child back at Edinburgh Airport and take them to their check-in gate on departure day.

Staff will stay at the airport until all flights have left Edinburgh Airport.
Do you provide healthy meals?
Yes, we provide freshly prepared meals every day. Each student will receive a balanced and nutritional diet, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and a healthy snack. On trip days, packed lunches with a small treat are provided.

We take our food seriously. As parents we understand that good food is an important part of feeling at home.

A final night BBQ will be provided and for our braver students, there is the option to taste some Scottish haggis at our Burns Supper!
Are there many different nationalities at ISSFT?
Yes. Last year we welcomed students from over 90 countries. Our school aims to limit nationality quotas to a 10% mix, to ensure a truly international experience for our students.

This also discourages groups of the same nationality talking in their native language, aiding our policy of ensuring that students speak English at all times.
Are students looked after 24-hours a day?
Yes. We have an experienced pastoral care team that live side by side with our students. Our campus is also monitored round the clock by a dedicated security team.

Reassuringly, our campus is considered the safest in the UK. Even during free time, students can enjoy our facilities, safe in the knowledge that if they need anything there will be a member of staff nearby to assist them.
My child has never been away from home - will they be okay?
Yes. We make every effort to ensure that they are. We limit the total number of students attending ISSFT, to ensure small class sizes and create an environment where every student feels involved, valued and comfortable.

During the first few days of the summer school, we focus heavily on helping our students to settle in and make friends. All of our Counsellors and Teachers are approachable, open and friendly. It’s their responsibility to ensure that all students are happy for the duration of their stay.

Our Director is on hand throughout the summer school to promptly address any concerns students or parents may have.

What to pack for our International Summer School

Unlike the way it’s sometimes presented, Scotland’s climate is actually moderate and rarely extreme at either end of the temperature scale. We always encourage students to pack lightly and to bring appropriate clothing suitable for all weather conditions.
Students often purchase souvenirs when they are here, so packing lightly helps to prevent unexpected overweight baggage costs on departure. Please also ensure that if you are bringing a Golf Bag, you check it in both ways (i.e. pay for extra baggage allowance).

Please bring comfortable clothing suitable to the Scottish climate, which, although temperate, can be changeable (see checklist).

Golf Wear / Sports Wear
Access to Golf Clubs will require golf attire: trousers, golf shoes/trainers, glove, waterproof jacket, t-shirts, cap/hat. Golf students are welcome to bring their own clubs, or we can provide them.

Please let us know, prior to arrival, if you require clubs to be provided. If students wish, they can bring their tennis racquets and accessories, but this equipment can also be provided if you do not have any.
Old Clothes
For the Braveheart Challenge, students may get very muddy! Please bring an old tracksuit, shorts, t-shirt or sweatshirt and training shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Please note, these should not be your golf shoes.

All students will have access to laundry facilities once a week during their stay. Please also bring appropriate clothing for watersports, including a towel.

Pocket Money
Our recommendation for pocket money varies for each student. However, we generally recommend about £40 per week. Students will be able to purchase snacks and drinks at the university and will have the opportunity to go shopping for souvenirs.

Please inform us of any prescribed medication you will be bringing, by entering the details of your medication into the medical form.

Electronic Equipment
We encourage students to bring laptops or tablets with them for class notes. However, this is not a requirement and students are responsible for looking after them. Mobile phones are also encouraged, but again this is not a requirement.

Camera Equipment
Students may wish to bring photographic or other AV equipment.

Musical Instruments
If students play a musical instrument, we encourage them to bring it with them, if possible.

Please note that all students must take out a travel insurance policy, prior to arrival. This should cover medical and dental emergencies. However, we also encourage you to take out a policy, which covers travel disruptions and lost luggage.
Students have the option to give their pocket money to the Director but will be responsible for other items such as laptops, cameras and phones. As such, we recommend a policy that covers potential loss of these items, as well as damage to property. We may request proof of your insurance policy prior to your journey.

Get packing, with our Suitcase Checklist of essentials you’ll require for your stay:

  • Passport
  • Toiletries
  • Small Backpack
  • Hairdryer
  • Casual Clothes
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Old Clothes
  • Sweatshirts
  • Jeans/Trousers
  • Underwear and Socks
  • Pyjamas/Nightwear
  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Disco Wear
  • Laundry Bag
  • Prescribed Medication
  • iPod
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Sun Hat
  • Camera
  • UK Adaptor for Hairdryer, Phone etc.
  • Water Bottle
  • Smart Outfit for Awards Ceremony
  • Clothes for Sports
  • Beach Towel (optional)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproofs for Kayaking
  • Swimsuit, Goggles, Towel
  • Golf Wear/Clubs (optional)
  • Tennis Wear
  • Tennis Racquet (optional)
  • Laptop/Tablet
  • Notebooks/Pens/Pencils