ISSFT students are typical teenagers. They like music, fashion, sport and video games.

Some of them choose to attend a summer school themselves, some of them are encouraged by their parents. We have students who are high achievers in the classroom with great ambitions for the future. We have others who are looking for a little direction as they are unsure about what they would like to do with their lives. Some of our students love to read and write, others are phenomenal athletes. Almost all of them are interested in travel and learning about new cultures.

Creative & Cultured

We have creative students who have a natural flair for art, theatre and drama; but we also have some students who are incredibly shy and lack in self-confidence. Some of our students have lived in multiple countries all over the world, but for some, this will be their first time away from home.

Open Arms

At ISSFT, we WELCOME all students. Despite their individual likes and dislikes, we know that there is something unique about each one of them. A unique talent, a unique skill, a unique perspective. The experience of coming together at ISSFT, gives everyone of our students the chance to learn about themselves in a new environment with new people.

Personal Growth

They will challenge themselves in ways they didn’t expect and realise that in life, we are all learning, all the time. The benefits of a summer at ISSFT last long beyond the summer itself, with students having established new friendships, experiences and a renewed sense of belief in themselves for the future.

At ISSFT, we are proud to do things differently.