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Our Theatre class offers students the opportunity to take part in all aspects of the creative process.

Students work as a group to learn and develop the skills required to create, design, produce and star in a professional Theatre production. Our theatre class is a challenging, intense and highly rewarding elective.

  • Exercises that explore the techniques of acting
  • Develop skills related to voice projection
  • Explore the importance of movement in storytelling
  • Understand the creative process in writing and producing a piece of work
  • Reflecting both during and after the creative process
  • Improvisation workshop
  • Produce a theatre production for end of school performance
It was only in the theatre that I lived.
Oscar Wilde
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This class gives students insight into the theory behind theatre, as well as hands-on experience.

It’s great for developing confidence and communication skills in students of all ages, levels and backgrounds.

  • Grow in self confidence
  • Develop and apply your skills in creating and performing a piece of theatre
  • Develop an appreciation of the variety of forms, practices and traditions within theatre
  • Develop individual communication skills
  • Work as a team to produce a final school production