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Our students enjoy a safe and inspiring environment, where they can enhance their learning through travel, fun and friendship.

All of our academic classes are designed to be fun, engaging and mindful and students choose which one they enrol in for the duration of their stay.

We provide students with the opportunity to learn new skills, whilst working in a supportive, team environment. Projects are often group orientated, in order to encourage the flow of ideas and enhance communication skills.

We also take time to reflect on the learning process and its outcome. At the beginning of each session, our teachers will discuss with their group what they would like to get out of the class. We then make every effort to tailor lessons to those interests and goals.

The end result is that each student feels valued, part of the group and by the end of Summer School will have accomplished what they set out to achieve. Classes are open to all students, regardless of levels and interests.




Students work in small groups to build confidence in all aspects of English Language.

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Study Skills

This class is designed to instill students with the skills and confidence required for academic success after the summer.

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Global Entrepreneurship

This class prepares students for future careers by developing a business idea and exploring all aspects of a business.

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Introduction to Law

This is an excellent course to give students exposure to the legal process and economic theory, and how they affect society.

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Environmental Science & Conservation

Students will cover a broad range of topics from biology to ecology to climate change and food security.

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Our Journalism class helps students to navigate their way through political, technological, and environmental change.


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