An open letter from our Course Director

Looking back on the news of 2018, it felt like another year where we were bombarded with stories about war, violence, environmental disasters, corruption and political chaos. “Fake news” is now part of the public psyche and in some cases, political debate has looked more like a street brawl than the forum for driving the public good. I have often said over the years, that one of the best parts of my job, is the opportunity to talk with our students about how they view the world. In what seems like a politically turbulent time, our teenagers often ground (and inspire) us with their ideas and ambitions for the future. They are compassionate, tolerant, inclusive, and open-minded. As digital natives, they embrace technology and its potential for providing solutions. They are environmentally sensitive and grasp the opportunity to explore new places and meet new people.


As educators living in a global society, our focus should not only be on what we teach but also how we teach. In an ever-changing world, young people require a broader set of skills than just reading and maths. Current research into this field points toward the “6 critical C’s:”  Collaboration, Communication, Content, Critical thinking, Creative Innovation and Confidence.


As we delve into 2019, the ISSFT team will continue on our mission to instil our students with each of these skills and values. Language and communication are not about regurgitating words or someone else’s ideas. It is the ability to authentically identify with another person on a human level because ultimately, we are all social beings regardless of colour, country or creed. The ability to understand another person’s culture or point of view goes a long way in problem-solving and teamwork. Skillsets which are not only important on a global level but are also the most highly regarded by future employers. At ISSFT, we promote a fact-based world view, with a heavy sprinkling of teenage optimism and ambition. I recently came across this sentence in an article: “To be relevant, education must provide young people with the necessary knowledge and skills to become responsible global citizens who can take joint actions.” Our 2019 commitment to our students and their families, is that ISSFT will continue to be on the forefront of progressive education, providing global perspectives and of course, having great fun along the way!


Wherever you are in the world, we wish you and your family a prosperous and peaceful 2019!


Warmest regards from,

Carey and all of the ISSFT Team